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Hi, I am David Elsey. A Personal Mentor

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About David

Hello, my name is David Elsey,

I love to get to know people and figure out the best way to facilitate the emotional and psychological process of change. I believe my job is to guide people to access their own resources and capabilities to enable them to change their negative patterns of thinking and behaviour. Therapy, for me, is about this partnership.

The human condition is endlessly fascinating to me, and I derive an enormous amount of satisfaction from guiding and helping others. I have experienced my own dramatic transformation, and this, where appropriate, informs my work.

I have spent my entire career as an agent of change seeking to relieve human suffering. The roots of my training lie in Analytical Psychotherapy, plus I am a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (NLP), a certified Hypnotherapist, and I practice Quantum Coaching.

I currently reside in Perth, Western Australia running a private practice providing a range of services from individual counselling to tailored programs and workshops.

I look forward to talking to you.

Vision, Mission and Values

To create a world where the principles of self-honesty, compassion, intuition, and acceptance become the cornerstones of daily living, bringing about personal and interpersonal harmony and empowerment.

To heal and educate people through a wide variety of best practice methods to enable them to break down old belief systems and live a more fulfilling and peaceful life. To help clients redesign themselves by creating acceptance, joy, and enthusiasm through developing self-honesty and a sense of their higher selves.  We will contribute to a world where people are defined by who they are, not what they do, and work towards a community-driven existence where love and service come first.

Compassion, alleviate human distress and suffering.  Personal Sovereignty, respect human rights, dignity, and differences by guiding the client to the centre of their own care and healing. Flexibility, foster the skills of emotional adaptability to be meaningful to the client or clients concerned.  Authenticity, enhance the quality of relationships between people where authenticity is the key to social acceptance.  Wisdom, appreciation of the variety of human experience and culture, while acknowledging all people have a wise mind within.  Privacy and Confidentiality

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