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What is Anxiety ?

The human body responds to stress with feelings of anxiety, which are completely natural and part of the evolutionary system of survival. However, if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you will feel this way for more extended periods, like being trapped in ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ mode. Being stuck on may be due to undiagnosed trauma or the accumulation of stress.

Signs of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders have only relatively recently been recognised as treatable conditions. Stress and anxiety can result from work, school, personal relationships, or events in the past or thoughts about the future.

  • Emotional trauma in the past or present
  • Financial worry or future worries
  • Stress caused by severe or chronic medical condition
  • A significant event or performance
  • A side effect of some medications
  • Alcohol consumption, drugs such as cocaine
  • Lack of oxygen


Anxiety is necessary for Change. It is the part of us that is the launching pad.

How we treat Anxiety

David has a wealth of experience dealing with anxiety-related conditions and brings a varied tool kit to the table. Depending on the client, he may use tried and tested approaches like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, employ powerful mindfulness techniques, or delve into hypnotherapy and more esoteric approaches. He will find the key to help you.

  • Self-discovery and self-acceptance
  • Understanding the origins of your negative beliefs
  • Tools and resources to change

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