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Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Transform your team's performance and output today.

Corporate Workshops

Transform organisation performance through unblocking your team's limiting beliefs

No where more, than on the battlefield of competition, is the performance of individuals and the cohesive nature of their belief systems, tested.  David specialises in working with your team of stars, to make them a star performing team.  Whether your challenge is team communication, effective negotiation (which is ultimately a test of emotional intelligence), buy-in to the company vision, organisational change management, David’s exceptional track-record of helping people move through challenge, and change is second to none.

Our approach

Individual Performance Coaching (Key Staff)

David works with key team members, in particular executives and high performing staff to build their self awareness, and transform their interactions in the workplace.

Where are You Now

  • An honest appraisal of your current situation to identify what needs improving and evolving. Identify Outcomes.

Where do you want to be

  • Create a map of your vision. Know your values that are required to get there, know your allies. Create your ‘Ascendant Self’ Mission statement.

Identify whats blocking you

  • Neuro linguistic processes on your limiting beliefs. 
  • Explore how your feelings and thoughts are tricking you.
  • Learn how to clean up the past with forgiveness and acceptance processes.

Team dynamics, and communication

Empathy, and emotional intelligence are the fundamental underpinnings of productive working relationships.  David works with your team to provide a toolset they will use in work, and in life, to build solid and lasting relationships that drive them to higher levels of performance and job satisfaction.

Clear, open and honest communication

  • Discover where team dynamics are being sabotaged by poor communication, and what to do about it.

Effective communication techniques to build trust and productivity

  • Effective communication begins with true empathy and assuming the perspective of your colleagues. 
  • David will support your team in building this practice this into  your day to day work practices.

Effective negotiation skills

Empathy, and emotional intelligence are the fundamental underpinnings of good negotiation skills.  David works with your team to provide a toolset they will use in work, and in life, to conduct effective negotiations, and build lasting relationships within, and outside your organisation.

Build active listening skills

  • Learn to read verbal and non-verbal signals during a negotiation.
  • Identify areas for potential compromise to move closer to the objective.​


Clear and effective communication

  • Learn to express your needs clearly, and in a way that does not challenge or compromise your negotiation objective, or the goals of the other party.


Understand the goals of all parties in a transaction

  • Learn to keep your emotions in check, and identify what motivates others.
  • Identify blocking issues, and explore techniques to align your objectives with their needs.

Change Management

They say the only constant in life is change, and spending time working in a an organisation, is sure to see your team members experiencing and transitioning through significant change.   Whether it be a company restructure, a change in work process, a new strategy, or a shift in the underlying regulatory environment.  Teams need to understand the change, need to have an adequate opportunity to understand, reflect and express their feelings to ensure a smooth and successful change process that is accepted by all.

Bring your team on the journey

  • Ensure the change is clearly communicated and understood
  • Create an opportunity to hear vital feedback from individuals and teams that you might not otherwise hear
  • Give your team a chance to discuss and work through their feelings.

Give them strategies to cope, and thrive in the new environment

  • Sharing and discussing personal and team impacts
  • Plan strategies for team members to adjust to the new norm.
  • Discuss what success in the new environment looks like and create the best chance for a smooth change process.

Online Workshops

Topics currently being facilitated online:

  1. Dealing with Life in Lockdown
  2. Emotional Intelligence as a ‘weapon’ or ‘excuse.’
  3. Communicate Now!
  4. Is it true or am I projecting my own frustration?
  5. Your relationship with time – Use it, don’t lose it.
  6. Keep your eye on the ball, not the player.
  7. Living Life on Life’s terms: Covid.
  8. Get un-tired immediately.
  9. Know your ‘Authority of Self.’
  10. Set the boundary and be free!

How we do it

Individual team member or executive coaching, on your terms, at your workplace, or remotely / online.


Off-site, or on-site workshops planned and tailored to suit your company’s  strategic plan and goals.


Organisational psychology services providing support, guidance, and growth opportunities to key staff.

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