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Private Programmes

Private Programmes with David

Private programs offer an exclusive experience for clients who require complete anonymity or an advanced level of support to heal in total comfort and privacy. The schedule, from start to finish, is designed entirely around the therapeutic needs of that client. David can tailor personal programmes to deal with substance misuse, grief, depression, anxiety, or to restart and re-engage with life.

Our therapeutic approach

David’s expertise is entirely channelled towards one person’s goals, which delivers a robust foundation for lasting change. The one on one therapy sessions encompass a range of modalities and encourage clients to explore the core of their problems, progressing towards solutions and sustainable transformation.

Throughout this one to three-month experience, support companions ensure your day-to-day well-being, and all the logistical components such as transport and villa rental are taken care of.  Additionally, alternative therapies like Reiki, Craniosacral therapy, breathwork, massage, and art therapy can support the client’s journey. Lastly, and very importantly, every client is given a comprehensive aftercare program to return home with.

The benefits of private programmes

Personal Attention

  • Custom made support from David, and other talented practitioners build rapport and support rapid long-lasting change

24/7 Support

  • This immersive experience provides support companions and collaborative supervision—a healing experience like no other.


  • Employs a range of alternative practices to support transformation and easily adjusts to your changing needs.

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