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Your 30-minute
Mind Reset Guided Meditation

Your data from questionnaire provided is processed through David’s ‘Positive Change Filter’ to come up with a powerful 30min sub-conscious embedding tool for behaviour and perception change.

Your 30-minute Mind Reset Guided Meditation

A quick, easy and effective way to lift your mood and empower you when needed to change unhealthy emotions, perceptions and behaviour.

For lasting change do this practice every day for 3 months (Thought habit breaking time).

David includes a deepening process in the meditation allowing your mind to go into theta state, where it is ‘suggestable’ to change,

Easy Steps:

AUD$95.00 (US$60.00)

From the above information David creates script of relevant empowering transformational language with a relaxing deepening process included. A week later a MP3 Audio File is emailed back to you, ready to use.

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