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"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it" Tori Amos

Workshops & Retreats

Workshops and Retreats with David

Implementing healing techniques within the setting of a retreat or as a series of workshops has enormous benefits. It is always easier to find the courage to change together. These immersive, interactive experiences can be tailored around your preferred topic and timeframe and based anywhere in the world. Traditionally, Bali is a favoured location and is one of the best destinations to learn the art of transformation.

Our approach

Utilising workbooks and other well-developed resources for both retreat and workshop clients, David brings professionalism to the group and one on one sessions. Some of the topic areas covered in past workshops include Mindfulness, Finding your Life Purpose, Freedom from Negative Thought, Inner Peace, and Forgiveness.

Within the retreat setting, David notably collaborates with the worlds most gifted practitioners covering the disciplines of breathwork, massage, sound healing, art therapy, Reiki, and Craniosacral therapy and incorporating traditional healers.

Workshops & Retreats


David loved this retreat because it created an immersive experience as everyone was residing in the isolated and beautiful Hotel Villa in Ubud. There was an ideal balance of intensive talks and group work, as well as relaxation and cultural experience. All the meals were incredible, and everyone is now firm friends for life.


David led a workshop for Jakarta’s corporate elite on how to deal with stress. He was very aware that he had to ensure his work was culturally appropriate, and, when he finished, he felt truly humbled by the faith the group, being taught in a second language, had in him. He said afterward that the commonalities of the human condition are far more powerful than the differences.



One of David’s favourite locations overlooking the picturesque Derwent River, Hobart, was the setting for another of his stand-out 2-day workshops. The success was all in the preparation, and he worked with the 12 attendees to make sure that they all were clear on what they needed to change and shift. His joy was the spark of self-awakening he saw people achieve.

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